Must-See Attractions In Grand Cayman

Among Caribbean resort locales, few can top the broad appeal of Grand Cayman, particularly for those who enjoy a truly active lifestyle. For those who have never visited the island or those who simply need a refresher on the best things do to while there, the following tips and advice should prove extremely helpful.

A stunning experience for adventurers of all ages is a trip to Devil’s Grotto and Eden Rock. These unsurpassed diving areas on Grand Cayman offer amazing opportunities to see barracuda, silversides, parrotfish and more. Situated a bit to the south of popular Seven Mile Beach, these locations are easily accessible and should not be missed.

Another fun-filled excursion on Grand Cayman is the Cayman Turtle Farm. Though the islands were once so heavily populated with turtles that the immediate vicinity was called “Las Tortugas,” recent years have seen a dramatic drop in their numbers. However, the turtle farm works to educate visitors on the life and history of these fascinating creatures and also to generate sufficient quantities of edible meat to halt hunting by locals. Visitors here can see over 7,000 turtles in a range of life stages, in addition to a butterfly garden, nature trail, snack shop and restaurant.

Cayman Crystal Caves should also not be overlooked by visitors to Grand Cayman, as its stalagmite and stalactite formations are second to none. Click here to find out more about this amazing activity. Traveling to the caves themselves offers views into the dense native foliage, tropical forestation and unforgettable beauty of the area. Knowledgeable tour guides make a visit to the Crystal Caves a thought-provoking way to spend the day.

No trip to Grand Cayman would be considered complete without spending significant time basking in the glories of Seven Mile Beach. Thought by many to be among the finest coastal spots in all of the Caribbean, this public beach has something to please everyone. Crystal clear water, clean sand and pleasantly calm waves combine with nearby restaurants, bars and restroom facilities to create an ideal outing for all. Sitting to the north of George Town, this spot is accessible to visitors regardless of where their lodgings happen to be.

Nature lovers must make sure there is room in their itinerary for a visit to Mastic Trail. Two centuries old, the path traverses a mangrove swamp, woodland areas and seemingly endless areas of rare and vivid plant specimens. With guided tours available, there is much to learn and see in this impressively managed attraction.